Monday, June 30, 2014

World Cup Blowout!

USA won. YAY! Italy won. YAY! Nether lands won. YAY! Mexico won.YAY! Brazil won. YAY! Wherever you are, you celebrate winning teams.

You could celebrate soccer, basketball baseball,football, you can celebrate a lot of sports.

The moment you all wait for in the world cup is to find  the world winning country.

I'm excited about USA winning. They set a USA record for first goal! But that's my opinion.
What is yours?

Saturday, May 31, 2014

My Audience

Hi! 208 people have seen my blog since it came out. they just come and go. 4 people have commented.

I don't really know where these people come from. They could of came from people who read  my computer teacher's blog,, where there is a post about my class's blogs. They could of came from other blogs or they could be my friends.

I think it is cool to post writing for the whole world to see.

In the future, I plan to write about places i've been to, about the people I know and more.

See ya later alligators!

Friday, May 30, 2014

The season of testing is upon us

I think we should have state tests. But the one we had was not age appropriate.  I made it through though.

I don't know how the teachers would know how much we have learned without state tests.

I don't think there should be state tests for only 3 days. We have prepared for this our whole school year  and it's only 3 days? My opinion is it should be a week. And it's not really 3 days, its actually 45 min + 45 min. + 45 min= 3 periods = 135 min. 5 periods would be better.

I think it's not fair that we only get tested on 2 subjects and not the other ones.

As a student who loves to learn, if the state tests have these changes, I love state tests.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Fellow student bloggers

Hi! As you know I have been commenting and reading blogs from Hawaii and Iowa. They have been reading my blog but not commenting. Here are the blogs: - Hawaii Iowa

I really appreciate that they are reading my blog and hope they do it more often. I also hope they will start commenting soon.

Hawaiian Vocabulary

Aloha! that is hello and goodbye in hawaiian. I have been commenting on a hawaiian blog. It is: I am doing this in computer class with Mr.Casal. You want to learn more hawaiian words? Read on! A'ole Piliki'a ....No problem!  I lå maika'i!  Have a great day!

Are there any sayings you want to learn? I want to learn how to say 'how are you' in hawaiian. Or every day words like 'eat' or 'drink'. I want to learn the whole language!

Do you know another language? I know some french like  Aw revoir which is french for good bye, Pas De Probleme which is no problem and words like that. I don't speak it fluently though.

I would like to learn the history of the hawaiian language. Aloha!

Thursday, April 24, 2014


Hi! I was doing a little project in school about me learning. I hope you enjoy it. Here it 

 So now you learned a little more about me. How did you like it? I hope you loved it.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

My 1st Free Write

Right now i'm going to talk about my trip to Washinton DC, also known as the District of Colombia. My grandma and 5 of her 8 sisters (that =to 6 sisters) came but they weren't in our hotel. We stayed at DC for 5 days. This is my trip to DC.

My 1st day staying at DC, I checked in to the hotel, the Mayflower, and it was really fancy. Then I went and saw the White House, then the Washington Monument and finally,we went  to the Smithsonian Castle. My grandma and sisters invited dad Alice and I to dinner so we set of to they're hotel. First we looked on google maps for they're hotel but it was the wrong hotel. So then we had to walk in the cold for 23 min. We stopped walking and called for 4 taxis and then we finally found a taxi.

My 2nd day in DC, dad, Alice, my grandma and her sisters and I went on a trolley. We went on three trolleys but had four drivers. First we had Sooner Steve. He was really funny. We visited the Lincoln memorial and we visited the Black Wall and saw my great uncle's name. Then we had Mr.King for the trolly driver who wasn't funny at all. He dropped us off at the air and space museum where we ate at  Mc'Donalds. Then we had Jaimie for a trolly driver. He was as funny as Sooner! We were about to go on Sooner's trolly but "his brother" dropped in and took over.(He wasn't that funny).

My 3rd  day in DC, we went to the natural history museum in the smithsonian. We saw almost everything. My dad said his favorite part was the stairs. They were in spirals. Personally, i think he is kind of right. My mom bought me a stuffed panda bear and I named it Jojo.  Then i learned a joke that i thought was funny.  Q: Why did the mushroom laugh a lot ? Because he was such a funny fungi! One of my mom's  friend told me a joke like that.

Tonight was the special night! The whole reason we came here! My moms art show in a museum! I met 2 of my cousins. I never met one of them and I met the other when we were babies. Then I found out I was going to there house tomorrow. I also saw my friend Esha there. And my friend Lucy and grandma and her sisters.

My 4th day in DC, I went to the zoo. I saw a great panda, giraffes, and hawks, elephants,and more it was totally amazing! My dad's favorite part was  the hawks. I agree. Tonight was the night that I would go to my cousins house. We played Xbox, track and field and then they put on the play little red riding hood. It was a great day.

Today it was time to go. On the 5th day i would leave. Aw revoir* DC!  

*This is french for bye